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  • Name: Brian Kutscher
  • Age: 63
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  • Location: Canton MI US
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    Hi Brian!

    I love your posts on LC. Hope to see you on TER more often. Have you joined the members only forum "Every Good Fan Deserves Favour"? Ask Glo about it. Also, if you are not getting Weekly Time Traveler ask about that as well....unless of course, you're already providing Glo with some of those gems! Thanks for your addition. Kudos!

    ~ Bonnie


    Reply from BrianKutscher:

    Hi Bonnie,

    As you can tell, I rarely get into TER, MBA, or any other Moody Blues forums very often.  Life's current has pulled me away from this form of communication.  I pretty much stick to e-mail and even (gasp) LETTERS!

    I'm more often than not, working in my recording studio, or digitizing Bible literature, photographs, glass slides, phonograph records (pre-1925 mostly - Discs and Cylinders) and a lot of other "old stuff".  I've pretty much divorced myself from the current music scene.  Nothing worth listening to.  The Moodies seem to have stopped new song production and apparently are preparing to retire.  They deserve it.  I know, Justin has said he will keep playing (solo) as long as someone will listen, but even he probably won't be able to fill an arena when he's 70+.

    I have the "Core 7" CDs and "Blue Jays" in my car and I continue to enjoy them immensely.  Thanks to the SACD "5.1" recordings, I made new stereo mixes of all of the Core 7 albums (Except ISotLC, which was never released in 5.1) from these 5.1 tracks.  Some songs are much longer than the stereo mixes that came out of Decca.

    If you want to respond, it is best that you write me at my regular e-m,ail address:  [email protected]

    Best regards,
    Brian Kutscher